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La Petite Ecole is a bilingual French/English preschool established in Singapore in 2012, where it has been French Ministry-accredited since 2013.

Together, teachers who are native speakers of French and English cover the French national curriculum for children aged three to six years old (Petite Section: 3-4 yrs old / Moyenne Section: 4-5 yrs old / Grande Section: 5-6 yrs old).

All nationalities are welcome in this truly multicultural school, where both local language and culture are embraced.

La Petite Ecole places the child at the core of the learning process: they play, build, learn and develop their self-awareness. A unique and innovative pedagogical system promotes the independence, curiosity and motivation of the child.

After completing K2, pupils from La Petite Ecole will be granted priority to register in Grade 1 at Lycée Français de Singapour. See the partnership signed with Lycée Français de Singapour on February 6th, 2014 here.

La Petite Ecole is located in the premises of Blue House International school, with which it shares some of the extra-curriculum activities. This year, about 160 students are registered at La Petite Ecole Singapore.

In addition to the various projects and activities carried out in class throughout the year, pedagogical outings and events with families often punctuate life in school.

A human-scale, benevolent family school where all nationalities are welcome!

Welcome to La Petite Ecole Singapore!