Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn
Benjamin Franklin

OPEN HOUSE on Saturday 26 January, from 9.30am until 12pm!

Check out the event on our facebook page: @lapetiteecolebkk and register here to attend.


La Petite Ecole has opened its doors in the heart of Bangkok (Sathorn area), in a green and serene environment!

Bilingual French/English preschool established in Singapore in 2012, our first school has been French Ministry-accredited since 2013.

Together, teachers who are native speakers of French and English cover the French national curriculum for children aged three to six years old. All nationalities are welcome in this truly multicultural school, where both local language and culture are embraced.

La Petite Ecole places the child at the core of the learning process: he/she plays, builds, learns and develops his/her self-awareness. A unique and innovative pedagogical system promotes the independence, curiosity, and motivation of the child, while integrating the use of new technologies :

  • Permanent pedagogical workshops, focused on the arts ;
  • Natural materials and equipment, promoting the development of all senses ;
  • A hands-on approach, where the child takes an active part in his/her learning process ;
  • An engaging environment, with plenty of outdoor activities and games ;
  • Spatial settings that encourage cooperation and help, and the social integration of the child.

Among the various workshops offered to the children : arts, language (inc. an outdoor library), gardening, mathematics, observation, sports, music (musical garden), carpentry, waterplay, grocer, science, Thai culture, practical, sensory (path and garden), clay and dough, light & shadow, and more.

A human-scale, benevolent family school where all nationalities are welcome!