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“The happiest man in the world is the one who makes the most people happy”

For the well-being of the children, the different actors in the school’s day-to-day operations (staff, parents, external parties) need to get along and work in harmony. The focus is on mutual respect and team spirit.

The Founder and Director


Vincent Rosa

After graduating from HEC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales) in 2002, I started my career in Paris as a financial auditor at Ernst & Young, before holding various positions in several large international groups (Louis Dreyfus, Société Générale, Standard Chartered Bank) in Paris, then in Singapore since 2006.

In 2012, I left the wonderful world of large groups with no regrets and embarked on an entrepreneurial project with La Petite Ecole, alongside my wife Viviane Salin.

What was initially a family project (a bilingual school for our two children, now aged 12 and 10) has turned into an entrepreneurial adventure. We have grown and learnt to surround ourselves with experts to carry out our projects.

After three years of success, we opened La Petite Crèche in order to offer a more comprehensive service to families in Singapore. Two years later, we took up the double challenge of launching La Petite Ecole in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City concurrently.

Since 2019, I have assumed the management of the group La Petite Ecole, in close collaboration with our School Principals, and more particularly with Maria Lamrani Alaoui, Pedagogical Director of the group.

Pedagogical Director


Maria Lamrani Alaoui

Pedagogical Director (France - Maroc)

My career journey consists of multiple experiences in various countries, After studying Literature in Bordeaux 3 and Education Sciences in Paris, I taught older pupils before discovering a passion for early childhood education.

I worked in Africa, at the Lycée Louis Massignon of Casablanca, followed by Australia at the French-Australian Lycée. My first career in Singapore was as a professional trainer for AEFE (official agency for French education abroad) in the region, conducting seminars in the Lycée Français de Singapour as well as in Australia (Canberra and Melbourne). Together with my colleagues, I had the opportunity to share and consider the integration of new technology practices in my classes.

I had taught and managed La Petite Ecole for a year before assuming the role of School Principal.

For more information on La Petite Ecole's methods, you are welcome to visit this page: Our Pedagogy.

The Administration



School Principal, French-Speaking Teacher (France)
I’ve been a school teacher for 10 years – 5 years at a kindergarten in Shanghai, China. As a father of two boys (6 and 8 years old), I was looking for a multicultural, bilingual environment suitable for my family, that would still allow me to continue evolving and enriching my professional practice. This is what naturally attracted me to work at La Petite Ecole Singapore, where I easily integrated myself into the pedagogical team much to my p[easure, I am passionate to work in a rich and culturally rich environment for both myself and the children especially, After 3 years with the school, I became the Team Coordinator. This year, I have been given an opportunity to assume the role of Vice-Principal on top of teaching a GS1 class.
Laurence Beuker2


Administration (Belgium)
I have traveled around the world for the past 12 years living in Brussels, London, Dubai, and New York before settling down in Singapore in 2011. I have 3 children, one was born in New York and the other two here in Singapore. I have more than 10 years’ experience in the corporate world, working for large companies and startups as Personal Assistant to Senior Executives and as Office Manager. At La Petite Ecole, I work closely with Amandine to make sure that life in school runs smoothly. I am also in charge of parent relations and will be delighted to welcome you for a visit to our school. Along the way, I’ve also had the chance to focus on my passion and become a certified Yoga instructor. Namaste!
Amandine Lecoustre


Administration (France)
With a diploma in communication and 5 years of experience in human resources, I am given the opportunity to work in education. When I arrived in Singapore with 2 kids two years ago, I was very happy to join the admin team at La Petite Ecole. I am delighted to have been in Asia for 6 years and to continue living abroad, here in Singapore, to let my children discover a new multicultural environment. I’m glad to bring in the skills I acquire from my experience in a French school in Asia and apply them on this beautiful project that is La Petite Ecole. At La Petite Ecole I am in charge of the school’s daily operation, cover general admin duties, and organise holiday camps and other events.

The Teachers

Sophie_part-time French Teacher


French-Speaking Teacher (France)
After working for 9 years as a Cultural Project Coordinator in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and as a French teacher for foreigners (first at the Centre Culturel Français, then at the French Institute), I settled down with my husband in Cairo, Egypt, where I took the role of a preschool teacher in Grande Section for a French international school. I graduated from ESPE (Paris 12), and it is with great pleasure that I join La Petite Ecole’s team! I am delighted to meet new pupils, and I look forward to working with them, to helping them through their self-development and acquisition of new capabilities in the school’s bilingual environment.


French-Speaking Teacher (France)
I have been a teacher for almost three years after studying law and human resources for 6 years. Teaching is indeed a passion that has been passed down from generation to generation within my family. In France, I have taught diverse audiences – different ages, levels and backgrounds - which allowed me to better understand specific characteristics of each learner. In Singapore, I teach French as a first language and as a foreign language to a cosmopolitan audience, ranging from toddlers to adults. Teaching French is all about passing on the French culture, which we know is so rich!

Rebekah (Becky)

English-Speaking Teacher (UK)
I grew up in the South of England and for the past four years I have worked across Spain, England and Singapore, teaching both children and adults. I believe that every child is unique and will tailor my classes accordingly, to ensure students are engaged, learning and having fun at the same time. I am passionate about languages, music and the outdoors and will bring aspects of these into my lessons, to spark the students’ curiosity. I am excited to start at La Petite Ecole and watch your children flourish!
Nadine Olejnik


English-Speaking Teacher (UK)
The 12 years of teaching experience I’ve gained so far have taught me more than I could have ever imagined. From teaching very young learners in Poland and Spain, to educating women at the world’s largest female university in Saudi Arabia, the most important aspect for me is creating a safe environment for children where they can learn to become independent and creative thinkers, and enjoy the learning process. I have recently taken up running again in my free time, which balances my love for baking nicely! I am excited to join La Petite École and am very much looking forward to helping each child on his/her learning journey.
Winnie Wang Isvy


Mandarin Teacher
I was born and raised in Beijing, China. I left my hometown at 21 years old to get my postgraduate degree in Australia for 4 years. I then moved to Paris, France and worked for a corporate French bank for another 4 years. In 2010, my husband got a job opportunity in Beijing, and we moved back to my hometown with our 2 daughters. I worked in the Lycée Français de Pekin, an experience which opened my eyes to sharing my culture and language with children. After moving to Singapore in 2013, I decided to continue teaching Mandarin. I also published a book to help foreigners prepare for their Chinese Proficiency Test.


French Speaking Teacher
For over 10 years, I had the chance to experience education settings internationally – USA, South Korea, France and Singapore. Before coming to Singapore, I worked in an international Preschool in South Korea, which followed the English Curriculum and the Reggio Emilia approach, placing play and art at the center of their pedagogy. My experience taught me how to create an environment that encourages children’s learning and communication through hands-on experience. I am a mother of 2 bilingual teenagers, and as a family we enjoy discovering the cultural diversity of Singapore and cycling at East Coast Park. I am delighted to join La Petite Ecole’s team this year and work in a bilingual environment. I look forward to spending the coming year learning and growing with your children.


English-Speaking Teacher
I grew up in different cities across the United States and graduated from university on the East Coast. During my time there, I was exposed to a wide range of international students and I’m looking forward to bringing my multicultural experiences into the classroom. Growing up as an international student gives me a unique perspective to the significance of adapting to the society around me without forgetting the importance of my own. I aim to create a safe environment for students to be able to explore language and to grow confident in their own abilities. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring different genres of books and walking through Singapore’s nature trails.


English-Speaking Teacher
Hello, my name is Ashley and I’m American. I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Degree in Business, but fate had other plans. I fell in love with teaching during a university volunteer opportunity. I have been in education for 5+ years and absolutely love it. My goal is to create a learning environment that is powered by the students through play-based learning. I believe it is essential to develop the whole child, so that every student can reach his or her optimal potential and become lifelong learners. I have spent most of my professional career in Singapore! In my free time, I enjoy baking, yoga and riding my bicycle. I’m excited to join La Petite Ecole and support your children on their learning journey.

The Teaching Assistants

Karine Fougerat


French-Speaking Teaching Assistant (France)
I am Karine, a 32 year old French woman from Paris. My greatest passion has always been travelling. Therefore, after 10 years of working in French schools, mainly with special needs kids and managing disabled adults’ summer camps, I decided to take a gap year and travel around South-East Asia in 2016. During my travel, I have done voluntary work in various schools to compare the different educational systems. I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from this experience. After studying in various fields, I passed my TEFL certificate last year. Passionate about education and camps animation, I also study the Maria Montessori’s Methods. I would love to transfer my knowledge and enthusiasm to your children.


French-Speaking Teaching Assistant (France)
I have worked for 10 years as Copyrights Manager and Financial Analyst in Auditing. My family and I moved to Australia, our first destination as expats, during which, I suspended my professional career to care for my family full-time. After Australia, we moved to Singapore and I decided to work again – this time, towards a field I had always been attracted to: education, and more particularly in early childhood. I have joined La Petite Ecole as a shadow teacher for a child I supported in his first and second years of preschool. I am glad to continue this adventure as a French-speaking Assistant in K1.


French-Speaking Teaching Assistant and Canteen Assistant (Canada)
I am from Canada. Me and my husband embarked on an adventure since 2012, having lived in France and Singapore. It gives me great pleasure to be part of the team at La Petite École. This job allows me to develop my knowledge and thus help me in my studies that I pursue in the field of early childhood education. My great experience with children as a figure skating teacher, assistant teacher and school life helper, taught me to have a warm approach that encourages and supports the development of the child. Knowing that I have a lot of energy to give and that I like to remain active, I am sure that we will spend a beautiful year filled with great moments and achievements!


French-Speaking Teaching Assistant and Canteen Assistant (Japan)
I grew up in Osaka, Japan, and studied in Tokyo. After an exchange program in Helsinki for a year, I obtained a diploma in Sociology. I lived in various European countries and then followed my partner to Singapore in 2010 and stayed till 2012. We came back to Singapore in 2014 with two kids, both boys. They are studying at Le Lycée Français and I am fully involved with La Petite Ecole since 2017 – as canteen assistant at first, and since 2019, as preschool assistant on top of my canteen assistant duties. I am happy to have joined this motivated and dynamic team to help children thrive.


French-Speaking Teaching Assistant
A certified childcare assistant, I worked at a hospital in the maternity and pediatric departments in France. Passionate about early childhood and alternative medicine, I was trained in naturopathy, Ayurvedic massages, breastfeeding... I arrived in Singapore back in October 2020. Joining La Petite Ecole is a great opportunity for me to be able to put my skills and experience to good use. Let’s look forward to a year rich in experiences!


French-Speaking Teaching Assistant
I am the mother of three boys and we have been living in Singapore since 2005. After graduating in artistic negotiation and communication, I worked for several years as a press officer in the field of visual arts and culture, then as a guide for the exhibitions of the Singapore Art Museum, and in particular for school groups. This experience with children made me want to focus on an area that has been close to my heart for a long time: the development and well-being of young children. I am therefore delighted to be able to join La Petite Ecole team and to invest myself every day with your children by supporting them in their learning and development.


French-speaking Teaching Assistant
I was born in Fukuoka, in the south of Japan. After finishing my studies at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, I left Japan to continue my studies at St. Martin's school of Art in London. From there, I went to New York to pursue my passion for art. It was there that I met my husband. After our marriage, we moved to Paris to expand the family, and it is indeed in France that our two daughters were born. We arrived in Singapore 6 years ago. This year, I had the chance to start working at La Petite École. It is a great pleasure for me to help children learn new things on a daily basis, to have rich, unique and creative experiences in a conducive and very happy environment.


French-speaking Teaching Assistant
In May 2019, I took up the challenge of moving to Singapore and I left my job as communication manager. In March 2020, I discovered my new role as a mom and I asked myself hundreds of questions, including: why not turn my desire to work in the education sector into reality? In January 2021, La Petite Ecole gave me my chance by allowing me to become a teaching assistant to the Toutes Petites and Petites Sections. My wish for the coming school year: to share with your children my passion for reading and writing. I am really excited to continue this adventure with your children as a part of this team.


French-speaking Teaching Assistant
Hello, my name is Nassira, I have a master's degree in Biology. I moved here in 2010 after spending four years in London. When I arrived in Singapore, I was fortunate enough to be able to join Kent Ridge Education as a pre-school assistant and work in Early Childhood Education. I then joined a research lab at NUS, and later at SIT, where I had the opportunity to teach as part of my job. In 2019, I decided to stop working to spend more time with my son. Today, I am delighted to be able to join La Petite Ecole team, thanks to which I will be able to contribute to the stimulation and development of your children.

The Support Team

Marie-Pierre_Assistante en Moyenne Section 1 _ 2


Librarian (France)
I have certificates in foreign languages and spent most of my professional life in a Parisian museum where I was in contact with many school groups. When I arrived in Singapore in 2016, I naturally wanted to engage myself in a new project related to education. I first worked as a sub-teacher at the American School in Singapore as a Spanish teaching assistant. I volunteered for the school fair at LFS (French School in Singapore) as a coordinator. I truly enjoy my time at La Petite Ecole, where I take care of your children and share my enthusiasm for learning. This year, I am continuing my duties in taking charge of the school library, thus instilling in children a love for books.
Clarisse assistante


School Nurse
I come from Brittany in France. I am an experienced, professional nurse and worked for a few years in hospitals in Paris before accompanying my spouse to Colombia, and have been in Singapore for the past 3 years. Rich in all these human and cultural experiences, I have the pleasure of working with La Petite École’s team for the second a second round. What I really like about my job is the diversity in which I can evolve, constantly learn with an expanse of possibility, discovery and exchange. As the school nurse, I will be happy to look after the health and safety of your children, while providing health prevention on various topics.


School Counsellor
I have been a professional psychologist since 2008 and have worked in Paris for many years, in different establishments for both adults and children. I also ran my own practice, where I attend to children. Today, it has been 4 years since I started working as a self-employed counsellor for adults and children in Singapore. I also carry out interventions in a business school, where I offer my support to the students. I am very pleased to be part of a team where the children’s well-being is placed at the centre of the school’s pedagogy. My role consists of supporting children who experience difficulties in learning or in dealing with their emotions, to explore solutions with the teachers in order to meet the specific needs of the child, and finally to liaise with the parents.


Communication, Marketing & Human Resources Manager
After working as a Personal Assistant in the Financial Sector in London, I decided that a creative career would be more fulfilling. I enjoy adding strings to my bow, and all the challenges that come with it! I studied Graphic Design in Prague, then worked as a freelance designer in Singapore, the perfect occasion to get some insight into the local culture. I joined La Petite Ecole’s team 3 years ago, at a very exciting time of expansion. La Petite Ecole offered me the opportunity to work in an ever-changing environment, and give meaningful purpose to my multiple experiences, as working in Education is highly rewarding. Having two wonderful children myself, I enjoy working in a benevolent and passionate team driven by the wellbeing of the children. Today, I am in charge of Communication and Marketing across SEA, as well as part of HR.