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Why choose La Petite Ecole?

Why choose La Petite Ecole?

  • For the renowned quality of its French curriculum, designed by the French Ministry of Education;
  • For the proven track-record of La Petite Ecole group, accredited by the French agency AEFE in Singapore since 2013;
  • For its bilingual programme in French and English;
  • For its child-centric philosophy;
  • For its exceptional green, natural setting, offering many activities;

... but also because we welcome everyone.

You are a non-French speaking family (Singaporean or international)

For expatriate parents raising their children overseas, we know that keeping them in an English-speaking environment is crucial. At the same time, you might like your children to experience another educational system and learn another language, so why not French! As you may already know, the French educational system is well known for its excellence and the global network of French schools overseas is exceptionally well developed. Your children can benefit from the French academic programme from their early years, enabling them to join any French school overseas, as your family moves to a different country.

You may also like to spend some holidays in France and practise this beautiful language with them, or just learn more about French culture!

We will provide you with the best of French education for international children.

You are a mixed family, with one French-speaking parent

For mixed families where one parent speaks French and the other English or another language, we understand how important it is to maintain both languages active and alive. You probably want your child to mingle with bilingual kids and grow up in a multicultural environment. If they do, they will then be able to continue their schooling in any French or international school, depending on the family’s plan.

You are a family with both parents speaking French

Like many French parents living overseas, we would like to pass on our language and culture to our children. We also want to give them the option to continue their studies in France or in any other French school overseas while following the same high-standard curriculum.

Choosing to live abroad enables our children to grow in an international environment, getting them to experience a local culture as well as a diversity of nationalities. In this context, learning English from a young age is a major asset for the child’s future.