FAQ | La Petite Ecole  



  • When is the registration period?

We accept children all year long, depending on availability.

However, if you want to keep a space for your child in September, it is highly recommended to register as early as January of the same year.

  • How can I register my child?

Please fill in the Registration form.

Once this is done, an invoice including deposit and registration fees will be sent to you.

Registration will be confirmed once the invoice is settled.

  • I don’t have some of the information requested (i.e. Singapore address) to fill in the registration form, what shall I do?

You can first fill in the form and write “TBA” in the missing fields. 

  • How would I know if my registration is confirmed?

Once the payment is done, a confirmation email will be sent to you regarding your space at La Petite Ecole, or your spot on the waiting list.


  • Is canteen service compulsory? What does it include?

Canteen service is optional. It includes morning snack and lunch. Families who do not choose canteen service have to prepare their own lunchbox with snack and lunch.

  • Who prepares the canteen dishes?

The meals provided at La Petite Ecole are prepared by The New Luncher. The menu is discussed with our school nurse, to ensure balanced and nutritious meals, adapted to the children. The food provided by The New Luncher is nut-free.

  • What percentage of children eat at the canteen? Are children eating separately?

Around 60% of the children bring their own lunchbox. All the children of the same class eat together in their classroom, under the supervision of the teacher and the teaching assistants.


  • Is there a bus service?

Bus service is provided by an outside contractor: D’Best Bus Company. You can contact  Ms Samantha Teo / Mr Benjamin Tay at  +65 9003 9234 to get information. Children are picked up and dropped off in front of your residence (condominium or house). If you do not live in the vicinity of the school, it is extremely important that you check with the bus company whether your area is covered.

  • What percentage of children are taking the school bus?

Over 80% of children are taking the school bus (both ways for most of them).

  • Which areas are served by the bus?

Currently, our buses go to Bukit Timah, Holland Village, Buona Vista, Clementi, Upper Bukit Timah, Newton, Novena, Thomson, Orchard, Tanglin, River Valley, Tiong Bahru, Harbourfront. However, do provide your exact address to the bus company to get an estimate of the length of your child's journey. 

  • What happens if we move house?

You need to notify the bus company at least one month in advance. Please take note of the areas currently served by the bus and do check with them directly whether your new address will be covered. 

  • At what time does the bus serve my area? How is the bus route planned?

The school cannot provide families with the pick-up/drop-off schedule in advance. The bus company is responsible for preparing the lists. Whenever possible, the first child picked up by the bus in the morning will be the first one to be dropped off in the afternoon.


  • Is there a childcare service before and after school?

No, there isn’t. Children are being taken care of when they reach school at 8.20am.

  • What does a child’s typical day look like in your school?

See a typical day here.

  • How many pupils are there per class?

We welcome a maximum of 24 children per class.

  • How many adults are in charge of the class?

There are always at least 2 adults in charge of the class: the teacher (either French or English speaking), and the teacher’s assistant. During lunchtime, and the teacher’s assistant break, the extra canteen assistant takes over.

  • Are there parents’ representatives? What is their role?

There are two parents’ representatives per class, one incumbent and one sub. Their role is to liaise between the teachers, the management and the other parents. The representatives attend three annual School Councils and give their feedback to the teachers and the management.


  • What happens if we go back to France, or if we leave Singapore for another country?

La Petite Ecole is accredited by the French Ministry of Education. Therefore your child can enter any accredited French school overseas or any school in France. We can provide you with school certificates and/or radiation certificates. 

  • Charter with LFS - Why can’t families change school during preschool (except siblings cases)?

As written in the Charter, we strongly recommend that children do not switch schools during preschool years. We believe it is better for the child to have a pedagogical continuity, develop stability and reinforce his/her learnings.  

  • Do children have a priority for the entry in Cours Préparatoire (CP/ Grade 1) at Lycée Français de Singapour?

 Yes, as per the Charter.

  • Is there an automatic entry to the bilingual classes at LFS in CP? What is the application process?

Entry to the bilingual class at LFS is not automatic, however, your child has a good chance of success, coming from la Petite Ecole. Over the past few years, all the applications presented to LFS who had a positive evaluation from our teachers at La Petite Ecole have succeeded in entering bilingual classes.

During Grande Section year, it is recommended to meet the teachers regarding the project for your child’s education. They will advise you on the opportunity to apply for bilingual class.  The teachers will then present the applications to the Commission at LFS around May.