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Our pillars

Our Pedagogy is based On 4 pillars

La Petite Ecole is a benevolent and innovative school, where each child can thrive. We celebrate diversity and respect the individual pace and the uniqueness of each child. We believe that success in school can only be achieved when the child takes pleasure in learning. More specifically, our pedagogy is based on the four following pillars:


As children tend to learn first by imitation, it is important that they experience rich and diversified relationships, and interact with peers from different age groups. This social variety creates a feeling of security and cohesion, while cementing mutual respect.

From an academic point of view, the context of mixing ages is a real asset for both parties: the littles ones learn from the older students, who help increase the younger children’s curiosity and motivation; older students develop their own empathy, their sense of responsibility and self-confidence, and solidify their acquired knowledge through skills’ transmission to the younger ones.



Recent studies in pedagogy and neurosciences prove that a child learns better through his own experience. It facilitates the acquisition of new skills while improving self-confidence.

The teacher’s role is to identify the particular interests of a student and to guide him accordingly, so that eventually the child can complete the activities by himself and learn through his own experiments. The key is to let him do it at his own pace.

When the child is placed in a position of doing things by himself, he will make mistakes, self-assess his work and eventually find – and remember – how to do it properly. At La Petite Ecole, the limited number of children per group together with the presence of the teacher and the assistants enable such autonomy.


In order to learn about the social behaviours required for life in a community, the child essentially needs self-confidence, the freedom of making his own choices, and time. The adult is here to support the child in understanding his emotions and expressing them in an adequate manner.

Developing empathetic skills through relationships has a direct incidence on the child’s self-esteem, which in return has a positive impact on his self-fulfillment and academic success.

As the people surrounding the child play a crucial part in his education, La Petite Ecole strives to involve the parents in the learning process, by the means of regular gatherings and special events and activities at school.


A qualitative and diversified environment is key in the development of the child’s autonomy and fulfillment. Each area at La Petite Ecole, inside or outside, has been carefully designed to keep the student curious, active and motivated.

Outside, a wonderful garden, vast, quiet, and playful offers daily access to permanent workshops. Spending time outside and interacting with nature improves both the physical and mental well-being of the child.

Inside, the space is organized, diversified and harmonious. Each space is allocated to a specific learning area, and the activities themselves are clearly presented on trays, sorted by level of difficulty.