Our Pedagogy | La Petite Ecole - Bangkok  

An enchanting school where the child grows, plays and learns while discovering the world around them.

Our pedagogy

La Petite Ecole follows the French national curriculum, and works around five major learning areas of focus:

  • Mastering language skills in a holistic way;
  • Acting, expressing oneself and understanding through physical activities;
  • Acting, expressing, and understanding through artistic activities;
  • Getting the foundations to organise one’s thoughts;
  • Exploring the world.

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Why learn another language?

At La Petite Ecole, we have chosen to teach the official French curriculum, in both French and English. Nowadays, in a social and economic context of globalization, the necessity for our children to speak English is no longer a question: it opens doors to the world, at every level.

Learning an additional foreign language is an incredibly rich experience; it opens one’s mind, provides different perspectives, and offers a more colourful spectrum of human behaviours.
The youngest the child at the time of learning, the easier it will be for him to master a new language.

The French language continues to be a prestigious language; French is the second foreign language most taught around the world, and the number of French speakers worldwide has been growing steadily over the past five years.

There are always two teachers for one class: a native French-speaking teacher and a native English-speaking teacher, both professional holders of a valid diploma in education. Although they take turns in teaching the children, they work together to ensure smooth progress through the French national curriculum.

Values and principles

A benevolent and innovative school focused on each child’s individual development.

  • "Without joy, what is learnt fades away."

In an educational and social context, curiosity, delight and joy are all essential parts of a child’s development. We understand that success in school can only be achieved when the child takes pleasure in learning.

  • Positive evaluation: "Education consists in understanding the child as he is, rather than imposing what we imagine he should be."

At La Petite Ecole, each child is encouraged to think in a logical, critical and independent way, thus building the foundations to then become a responsible member of society. Each child is continuously encouraged and praised, as we believe learning in a positive atmosphere will help get a better understanding of the world we live in.

The digital recording of learning acquisitions testifies to the child’s progress: they can take pictures of their work, evaluate themselves and share their experience with their family.