“The happiest man in the world is the one who makes the most people happy”

For the well-being of the children, the different actors in the school’s day-to-day operations (staff, parents, external parties) need to get along and work in harmony. The focus is on mutual respect and team spirit.

Director of the group La Petite Ecole

Maria Lamrani Alaoui

Director of the group La Petite Ecole

My professional life is rich and made up of many experiences in different countries, all sources of discoveries and encounters.

Indeed, after studies in Literature (‘Lettres’) in Bordeaux 3 and in Sciences of Education in Paris, I found my passion for teaching, first with older children, and then with Early Childhood – which, to me, is a beautiful age.

After working in Africa at the Lycée Louis Massignon in Casablanca and in Australia at the Lycée Franco-Australien in Canberra, I moved to the Asian continent.

My first contact with Singapore was as a coach for an AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) training programme offered in the area. Indeed, I had the pleasure of co-facilitating the “Innovative Practices in Kindergarten” training session at the Lycée Français in Singapore as well as in Australia – first with the Canberra team, then the Melbourne team.

I had the opportunity to share and reflect with several colleagues on the contribution of neurosciences and their impact on the posture and daily practices of educational teams. 

Questioning our practices allows us both to be as close as possible to the needs of our children but also to be ambitious with them and for them. 

I was School Principal at La Petite Ecole in Singapore for five consecutive years, before becoming the Pedagogical Director of La Petite Ecole group in South-East Asia. Today, I devote myself exclusively to the management of the La Petite Ecole group: I support the teams by being as close as possible to their needs in order to ensure the smooth functioning of our 4 establishments at every level. 

Since the beginning of the year, La Petite Ecole has become a part of the Odyssey educational network, a specialist in French education abroad. I work closely with the Odyssey team to ensure our common mission: that of leading each student on the path to success and personal development.

For more information on La Petite Ecole's methods, you are welcome to visit 'Our Pedagogy' pages for nursery, preschool and elementary classes.

Managing Team

Aline Nguyen

School Principal

We build ourselves through the people around us, those we meet, the places we go to and the exchanges we have. This happens from an early age. It is what led me to move into the field of education: passionate teachers who made me want to do this job, a multilingual family environment and a need to share.

After 5 years of working in France as a school teacher, I had the opportunity to move to Mongolia for the first time in 2014 and help open the first French school in Ulan Bator. This management experience then led me to Siem Reap, Cambodia, where my mission was to develop the language offer of the establishment as well as the expansion project into secondary school. I later moved to Hong Kong for an assignment consisting in restructuring a school’s pedagogy and administration.

My concern, and those of my teams, has always been to make children happy to come to school by offering them a reassuring and caring environment, varied and motivating learning situations while arousing their curiosity. Giving a place to families is just as essential for happiness and success: it is together that we will go further.

I am delighted to join La Petite Ecole’s team in Vietnam, one of my countries of origin, and I look forward to continuing to develop the projects in place and to propose new ones! I will invest the same passion, the same dynamism, the same dedication as in my previous missions. It is a real pleasure for me to take charge of an establishment like this one and to support each of the children in their academic and personal development.

Tâm Nguyen Mary

Executive Director

I was born in France in 1980 from Vietnamese parents, so I grew up with both cultures and languages. My origins naturally attracted me to Vietnam and in 2006 my husband (a teacher) and I decided to pack our suitcases and embark on a new experience.

What was supposed to be a short experienced turned into over a decade of expatriation in the country of my origins, and it is here that my children were born, and that I settled in both my professional and private life.

I studied to be a specialised educator and I worked in a number of establishments in France (inc. places for children in difficulty, or coming from socially-challenged backgrounds). In my first job in Ho Chi Minh Ville, I was responsible for a group of children at Bambou-Bulles nursery.

I later had the opportunity to become the director of the nursery, and after its fusion with Antonia, I took the role of general administration director part-time, on top of my role as a teacher in nursery.

Having followed the evolution of Antonia over the years, I was delighted to embark on this new chapter with La Petite Ecole, in September 2017. This year again, I will be heading the nursery while continuing to take care of the 2-3 years-old and manage the school’s administration team.

I wish to preserve the drive that has guided me throughout my career: to listen to parents’ needs and opinions, and advise them to the best of my abilities. My role is first and foremost human-centred; hence the necessity of putting empathy, warmth and benevolence at the heart of our relationship to family and children.

French-speaking Teachers


French-speaking Teacher (PS/MS)
I spent my childhood in Martinique, and later lived in Brittany for a few years. Having always traveled with my family, I wanted to experience the world for myself before passing the school teacher examination. I left for a year and went to the United States, India, Thailand and Vietnam. It was during this trip that I realized that I wanted to teach abroad. I taught for three years in several schools in France and in classes from Petite Section to CM2. Working with different teams has been very enriching, and my travels have been the thread of my teaching. I have also always wanted to give children the desire to learn with smiles, kindness, and gentleness. Having a taste for cultural and professional exchanges, and having fallen under the spell of Vietnam, I was delighted to join the team of La Petite Ecole in Ho Chi Minh.


French & English-speaking Teacher (PS/MS)
I grew up in a bilingual household in Canada. After studying in North America and Europe I began my teaching career in ESL and FLE for adults and civil servants. Over the last decade, my vocation gradually shifted to early childhood education after teaching various subjects at primary and secondary schools. I have been working in Vietnam for two years now and I am thrilled to join the team at La Petite École which promotes a pedagogical philosophy that I wholeheartedly espouse.


French-speaking Teacher (CE1) & FLE
French of Vietnamese origin, I have always had the desire to return to Vietnam and live there. I have been teaching the French language for over 7 years. Having grown up in a bilingual environment, where Vietnamese was spoken at home and French outside, I fully understand the cultural and linguistic stakes and challenges faced by my students and their families. For many, speaking several languages and being at ease in a multicultural world is, above all, a necessity, before being an ideal. In order to accompany and help my students as much as possible, I adopt a playful and inclusive pedagogy, always with a benevolent approach.


French-speaking Teacher (CM1/CM2) & FLE Teacher
With a master’s degree in Labour Law, I started my career in Human Resources. A few years later, I found out that Education was my true calling. My career path took a new turn as I became a school teacher in France. For two years, I worked in different schools. Every day was full of discoveries about Education : to guide and encourage children, to share information with parents, to test different educational methods. I soon discovered I loved this job. Vietnam was another passion since childhood. Being able to conciliate my two passions by joining La Petite Ecole in Ho Chi Minh City was a stroke of luck. Seeing children grow up in a beautiful bilingual environment is an invaluable opportunity, and I am glad to be part of this project. This year I will be teaching one class of CM1 as well as French as a Second Language.


French-speaking Teacher (CE1/CE2)
I fell under the spell of Vietnam thanks to a volunteer mission during which I set up an art workshop for children aged 6 to 12. I moved there two years later, in 2017, right after completing my professional reconversion. I was a former journalist, and I studied graphic design and art history before finding my vocation in teaching. Curious by nature, I like to discover new things and immerse myself in other cultures. I used to pass on my discoveries through writing and photography, now I share them with my students who share theirs with me in return. It's magical! I enjoy designing the little world that a classroom is, hand-in-hand with my pupils. A world where we learn and grow, together, with goodwill. A world that welcomes diversity with open arms and allows time for everyone to find their place.


French-speaking Nursery Teacher and School Nurse (1-2 yrs group)
Moved by a familial passion for travels and Asian culture, my husband and I decided to come to Saigon with our 3 daughters 2 years ago. The whole family is happy here and we are planning to stay long term. As a nursery teacher, I will make sure kids can develop their social skills among the group with benevolent tutoring through a supportive and carrying environment. For more than 10 years, I have been taking care of kids and elderly which I enjoyed for the very special relationship I created with them. I am delighted to be part of La Petite Ecole team to bring my experience as a nurse to ensure the wellbeing of children. I am also planning to organize workshop about health and wellbeing for the whole community.


French-speaking Nursery Teacher (1.5-2.5 yrs group)
Born in Vietnam in 1984, I spent my childhood in a small village before leaving for France at the age of 21 where I worked in an associative nursery (Emerainville, 93) and obtained my auxiliary childcare diploma. Once I graduated, I worked in Paris for 6 years before returning to Vietnam to do this job that fascinates me. My first position was at Bambou Bulles nursery, which has become La Petite Ecole. After having stopped working for two years to raise my son, I am happy to go back to class with the children of La Petite Ecole again.


French-speaking Teacher (Nursery)
"When I grow up, I'm going to take care of babies." That's what I said when I was 4 years old! So naturally I decided to become a childcare assistant. I graduated 26 years ago and have kept my passion for children ever since. I started my career in Belgium, then continued it in Canada for 11 years before arriving a few months ago in Vietnam. I like to see that no matter where you are, children are the same everywhere! I watch over the little ones with tenderness, dynamism and benevolence and pass on those qualities to them!

English-speaking Teachers


English-speaking Teacher (PS/MS)
I’m from Edinburgh, Scotland, where I started my career in a preschool. Thereafter to build my skills I graduated in Childcare and Early Education and decided to move abroad to learn new skills. I have now been in Vietnam for four years teaching in an international, public and bilingual preschool as well as Montessori schools to improve my teaching methods and to grow as both a teacher and person. The joy of seeing children develop and build their confidence through school is what drives me in this career path. To teach and have children enjoy education is my goal! I look forward to working with a great pedagogical team and continuing to let children learn at their own pace at La Petite Ecole.


French & English-speaking Teacher (PS/MS)
I grew up in a bilingual household in Canada. After studying in North America and Europe I began my teaching career in ESL and FLE for adults and civil servants. Over the last decade, my vocation gradually shifted to early childhood education after teaching various subjects at primary and secondary schools. I have been working in Vietnam for two years now and I am thrilled to join the team at La Petite École which promotes a pedagogical philosophy that I wholeheartedly espouse.


English-speaking Teacher (CP)
Originally from Wales, UK, I have taught at several international schools since moving to Vietnam in 2009. Graduated of an international teaching master’s degree with the University of Nottigham, I joined La Petite Ecole team in 2018. My pedagogy is based on building students’ confidence which facilitates learning through their involvement and motivation.


English-speaking Teacher (CE1) & ESL
I’m from a small coastal town in South Africa, called Jeffrey’s Bay. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Law in 2014 and began teaching young adults. This is where I fell in love with watching people light up as they grasped, applied, and understood new concepts. It was at this point that I knew I wanted to be in the education field. After completing my TEFL certificate I moved abroad in 2017 and I have been living abroad since then. I have completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Pre- and Primary Education and I am in the process of obtaining my Masters in Education. I aim to create a warm, friendly, and safe environment for my students, and promote their self-confidence, curiosity, and sense of responsibility.


English-speaking Teacher (GS)
I’m from a small town called Paarl in South Africa. Having completed my undergraduate degree majoring is Psychology and Sociology at University of Cape Town, I realised my passion was always to work in the education field. Since then, I have completed my International TEFL as well US Teacher Certification. I have now been teaching in Ho Chi Minh City for three years and have fallen inlove with the city, the people and the country. My approach to teaching involves advocating for the growth mindset and developing a classroom environment that allows for learner-centered classes that are interactive and collaborative.


English-speaking Teacher (CE1/CE2)
I grew up in a small town in Canada. I have always been curious about the world, people and culture, and this has inspired me to travel and live overseas. I went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural studies, as well as a Masters of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication. This has equipped me to work and teach in multicultural and multilingual environments. I have worked in education for over 5 years, including 2 years teaching in Vietnamese public schools. I am passionate about education and encouraging students to become global citizens through their studies. I look forward to joining the team at La Petite Ecole, and making learning inspiring and enriching.


English-speaking Teacher (CM1/CM2) & ESL Teacher
I am originally from New York City where I worked in theatre, and have a degree in Drama and Dramatic Literature. In 2012 I moved to Granada, Spain, where I received my TEFL certificate and began my English teaching career. Since then, I have taught ESL to learners of all ages! I’ve been living in Ho Chi Minh City for the past four years, where I taught kindergarten and ESL at Poly Language Center, and have most recently completed the last couple of years at ISHCMC Secondary School, where I worked closely with students in Learning Support, as well as a substitute teacher. This coming school year, I am hoping to complete my postgraduate certification in Education. As someone that has gone through an international schooling background myself, I am so excited to join La Petite Ecole family!

Vietnamese Language Teacher


Vietnamese Language Teacher
I was born and I grew up in a small village, in northern Vietnam. As a teenager, I started helping children from the countryside, who did not have access to the school system. This sparked my pleasure and passion for teaching. In 2005, I came to Ho Chi Minh to study business, administration and accountancy. For 5 years, I gave private tuitions in English, mathematics and Vietnamese. I later worked in a school in the Philippines, a rich social and educational experience. When I studied social sciences in Europe, I opened to other cultures and discovered other ways to think and teach. I am happy to be a member of La Petite Ecole team, where I first worked as a teaching assistant in MS/GS before teaching Vietnamese language.

Music Teacher


English-speaking Music Teacher
I am originally from Ho Chi Minh City and had the opportunity to become acquainted with music at a very young age. I’ve been teaching piano for more than 10 years and graduated from the Conservatory of Music. Music has no language barrier and accelerates brain development in children. Every child can be a musician. I would love to be given a chance to share my musical experience and bring moments of joy to the children in every learning hour at La Petite Ecole!

Bibliothecaire / Librarian


French & English-speaking Librarian & ESL
Initially a physiotherapist, I decided to take the leap and switch careers in 2016. Since then, I have completed my degree in early childhood education and worked in various educational settings. I recently relocated to Vietnam from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, earlier this year. As a product of multilingual education, I speak three languages fluently - English, Malay, and French. Being a teacher has allowed me to combine my passions for languages and education. It is a pleasure to join La Petite Ecole, and I look forward to promoting bilingual education as an English Nursery Teacher and School Librarian.

Teaching Assistants


Assistant (Cycle 1 for PS/MS)
My name is Dareth, I worked for the Antonia school for several years, before it became La Petite Ecole. My experience and my love for children allow me to appreciate my job every day. Each child brings happiness to my life, and it is with great passion that I carry out my work.


Assistant in GS
My name is Tieu Hai Mi Mi, I was born in 1995 in Ho Chi Minh City. At the age of 18, I left my family to settle down in Switzerland. In March 2014, I started 5 years learning French to obtain the diploma DEFL B2. Then, I enrolled in a school of health in Vevey, Switzerland, to be graduated as Assistant care and community health in April 2019. Meanwhile, I was doing babysitting and volunteers works such as teaching kids in maths or english in several countries in Europe. In May 2019, I returned to Vietnam and discover with great passion the teaching to small children in collaboration with La Petite Ecole.


Assistant in GS
My name is Thuy, I was born in 1994 in Lam Dong, Vietnam. I studied French at the University of Pedagogy in Ho Chi Minh City for 4 years. After graduating from university, I worked at a French international school for 3 years (in the Grande Section class). In 2020, I have the chance to become an assistant at La Petite Ecole. I love children and am passionate about my work: I want to continuously improve my skills in order to contribute to the development of the school.


Assistant in Nursery (1-2 yrs group)
Since 2006, I have worked with children, especially at the Nursery Bambou Bulles. With the love I always had for children, I wanted to learn how to take care of them. I was trained as a Nursery and Kindergarten Assistant at the Hanoi Education and Training Department. Currently working at La Petite Ecole, I am very happy and I’m doing my best to do my job.


Assistant in Nursery (1.5-2.5 yrs group)
My name is Lily. I studied French to become a translator but while waiting for my diploma, I discovered my passion for childcare while working in a Vietnamese nursery, which made me decide to change course in order to pursue this great career but in a French environment. Since 2017, I have been fully happy in life because I found my passion in the French education system. This year, I have the chance to work at La Petite École in a very professional, friendly and warm atmosphere.


Assistant in Nursery (2-3 yrs old)
I started working with children as a babysitter for a foreign family back in 1997. They had 3 children: one boy and two girls. During that time, I learnt a lot about taking care of children, in a background different from the one I come from. In 2005, I got the chance to become an assistant in Bambou nursery, where I gained more experience with kids. I love both children and my job very much. I always try to improve and be a good nursery assistant in La Petite Ecole.

Administration & Support


Graduated from a Master 2 Audit and Management Control in Paris in 2011, I am delighted to join the team of La Petite Ecole Ho Chi Minh. I work in a very pleasant French cultural environment. In addition to having a green work environment, I have the smiling faces of children every day and can see them grow and develop.


Communication & Parents Relation Executive
Since my childhood, I always loved to travel and discover new cultures. After many travels around the world with my partner, we decided to move to Asia 6 years ago when I had a job opportunity in China. We visited Vietnam in 2019, fell in love with the country's culture and food, and moved to Ho Chi Minh City in 2020. Now, mother of a 1-year-old boy, I am very sensitive to educational matters and children’s wellbeing. Thus, after 10 years working in international business and marketing, I am very pleased to enter the educational sphere and join La Petite Ecole’s passionate team in a wonderful environment.


Communication, Marketing & Human Resources Manager
After working as a Personal Assistant in the Financial Sector in London, I decided that a creative career would be more fulfilling. I enjoy adding strings to my bow, and all the challenges that come with it! I studied Graphic Design in Prague, then worked as a freelance designer in Singapore, the perfect occasion to get some insight into the local culture. I joined La Petite Ecole’s team 3 years ago, at a very exciting time of expansion. La Petite Ecole offered me the opportunity to work in an ever-changing environment, and give meaningful purpose to my multiple experiences, as working in Education is highly rewarding. Having two wonderful children myself, I enjoy working in a benevolent and passionate team driven by the wellbeing of the children. Today, I am in charge of Communication and Marketing across SEA, as well as part of HR.